Prepared dry mortar production line

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Prepared dry mortar which also referred to pre-mixed mortars or semi-prepared mortar, includes a variety of internal or external plasters (coating), types of masonry, flooring and drainage gradient mortars. Prepared dry mortar is prepared by weighing and mixing the constituent materials as dry material. The use of dry mortars due to its simplicity and ease of use increases run speed. The mortars also due to controlled production and weighting has a desirable quality. The constituent materials of prepared dry mortars depending on usage and environmental conditions generally can be formed of the following components:

Types of Portland cement

Types of mixed cement

Types of mineral additives (natural and artificial pozzolan)

Hydrated Lime

Types of chemical additives (including polymeric materials)

Types of Fillers

Types of Pigments

Fiber and types of Sand

High consumption products of prepared dry mortar production line are a variety of glues for ceramics and powder tile, Hebleks blocks glue, grout, spray plaster and spray cement, colored plasters, thermal and moisture insulated mortars.

This product line have been designed in a variety of semi-industrial and industrial forms with a daily capacity of 5 tons to 80 tons, packed in bags of 20 and 50 kg for the automatic production and only by two of manpower.

Formulations of several prepared dry mortar, along with the line of production and also raw material requirements and add-ons are delivered.