Gas block production line

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NAAC gas block production lines

Mechanized and automatic production line of standard autoclaved aerated concrete

Design and construction of machinery and production lines for the products with updated formulations and materials

Tangible simplification and cost reduction of machinery, foundations and the installation with mechanization

Reducing the amount of manpower required to produce compared to other product lines

The daily production volume of 60, 100 and 180 cubic meters in varying sizes

Standards and certifications received by Research Centre of Housing and Urban Development

Construction, installation and commissioning of machineries and personnel training within maximum 3 months since the date of contract

By having experience of more than ten years in the design, construction and commissioning of Autoclaved aerated concrete production lines and optimizing and solving the problems of this lines due to internal facilities and culture of construction lead to a suitable, efficient and updated production line with acceptable products. Several projects have been implemented around the country and are now being produced.

Pictures related to a variety of production line launched in the country are presented by this industrial group.

The Machine Manufacturing unit of company with a capacity of production of the required equipment for the production of Non-Autoclaved aerated concrete has a possibility of setting up concrete factory anywhere in the country. According to the annual needs to fourteen million cubic meters of blocks in the country and producing only 1.5 million cubic meters, the need to this production line is very evident.

 Since the setting up of new production lines in the country requires import of machinery for the production and outflow of currency from the country, in every aspect design and construction of production lines in the country according to internal facilities and requirements is affordable.

The Group with rich experience in the AAC industry and utilizing various methods of making porous produce concrete with the appropriate formulation and high quality in accordance with the most up to date manufacturing processes, approved by the Housing and Urban Development Research Center of the requirements and standards of our country (Appendix 1).