Aluminum flake powder production line


Insulation and Lightweight construction with increased resistance to environmental factors are considered as an important parameters in modern building industry. Autoclaved aerated Concretes are regarded as a good choice for new materials of construction. Aluminum flake powder that is used as air-entraining agents in lightweight concrete construction AAC has been imported from other countries.

powder-alminum (1)

With increasing restrictions on imports of this material and instability in its price and quality, Industrial production line of this material was launched for the first time in the country by the Exxon group. Technical knowledge acquired in the production of this sensitive high-tech product is very valuable and during the attempts to produce this material, we achieved an ideal technology for the production of explosion-proof ball mill, a method for atomizing the molten metal and a method for polishing Flake powder to be sustainable in the presence of oxygen.

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Type and quality of Flake powder as an air-entraining agent has a significant effect on resistance, thermal conductivity, density, specific weight and other characteristics of AAC. Manufacturing and supplying a good product with stable quality is the purpose of Exxon industrial group.

Technical specifications of aluminum Flake powder: AX20 / 1

Consumption rate of AAC in cubic meters: about 360 grams

Size: D80 25microm

Density: 0.3

Purity percentage: 97%